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AR1701-04 BLACK GRANITE CB04-01 x CA03-01    




This one was sexed as a female (as always we don’t guarantee on the sex unless the animal is a proven breeder). The dam darkened at the age of about 6-8 years, before that time she looked like a regular C.caninus. You can see the genetic component of this coloration in the females brother. He is also in our care and has black blushings and groups of black scales all over his body, which are still increasing. We paired our unique female with a stunning not related caninus male with the typical white blizzards to create a solid healthy basement for this new lineage. You can read more information about these rare animals and the pairing here.








AR1801-03 Nereus x Ersa


This beautiful green tree python juvenile is one of three Holdbacks of our clutch AR1801. All three animals turned out to be male, therefore we're letting this one go with a heavy heart. His sire Nereus shows a striking blue coloration, which is getting more intense every year. Also the male halfsiblings, which are still in our care, are changing into a bluish coloration continuously. The dam impresses with her blue color equally.


clutch siblings


half siblings





Oophaga pumilio


This juvenile frog is about 8-10 months old, and still unsexed. The animal originates from our couple oophaga pumilio, location "colon".