about us

Hello and welcome to our private homepage arborealreptiles.eu!

Since our early life we are fascinated from the world of animals and plants, but especially reptiles. Since 2011 our first snake has moved in, our stock is growing more and more. That's why we decided to start this page for sharing information and showing or stock and the opportunity to share our captivebreds with you and the www.

Moreover we have an Arboreal Reptiles facebook page, where you can follow us.

Since there is a lot of literature about this species available, we don't give information about general husbandry conditions on our homepage. Nevertheless we will be happy to help if there are any further questions.

The name arborealreptiles.eu refers to our love for tree inhabiting (arboreal, lat. arboreus = tree) species. More rainforest occupants of this categorie should follow one day.

Thank you for your visit and have fun at our homepage.

Thomas & Yvonne