terms of sale


With the purchase of an animal you automatically accept our terms of sale!


We only sell captive breds which eat well and had at least 10 meals (alive | frosted | mice | rats). To our knowledge all of them are healthy and free of parasites.

We do sex our animals when they are at least 12 months old. We don’t guarantee for correct sexing!

1. guarantee and return

We don’t take responsibility for any health issues or the loss of an animal after the purchase. Morelia virids are sensitive animals which can be harmed easily during wrong handling or transportation.

Animals are non-returnable. An order can be cancelled if this happens in time. After an animal has been sent or we are already on a trip to a reptile show there is no possibility to cancel the purchase. If there arise any additional costs, the buyer has to pay them.

We don’t take responsibility for any bite injury which happens during the viewing, the delivery or after the purchase.

2. reservation

With a down payment of 50% of the price, it is possible to reserve an animal for 3 months.

The reservation period starts with the written or oral confirmation of us. The down payment has to arrive within a week, to reserve the animal permanently (3 months). If this is not the case, the reservation will be declared void.

If a reservation has to be reversed by ourselves for good reasons, the whole down payment will be refunded. In this case we will not take over occurred payments (e.g. cage, equipment). At reasonable cases we will be glad to make individual reservation terms.

3. delivery

We prefer a pickup at our place. Basically a delivery to a reptile show (EU) is possible. With a company which is specialized in exotic animals, shipping is also possible. Postage and packing material has to be paid by the buyer. Shipping is only possible with fully paid animals. After the shipping company has picked up the animal the buyer bears the whole risk. Please understand that we won’t ship during the winter season.

4. administrative

With the purchase of an animal you get a card with all the details of it (e.g. meals, sheds). In addition you get a confirmation that the animal was captive bred by us. In some countries you will need this to register your animal. CITES are available on request, the costs have to be paid by the buyer. Also you have to abide by the valid animal protection terms of your country.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our animals you can reach us through our contact form or cu[at]arborealreptiles.eu. Please specify your request with the ID# of the animal you're interested in, so that there can be no misunderstandings.

If you have any questions ahead or after the purchase don’t hesitate to contact us.