The blue dorsal line of this male morelia viridis is intensified through black elements in the markings. The dam has the yellow mask as well, she is also medium for the melanistic gen.

ID#: CH11-11
neo color: red
sire: Melanius | Sorong
dam: Chimaira | Cyclops Mountain
origin: german cb
breeder: Christos Issaris






This male morelia viridis example is the sire of four juveniles from our stock. He impresses with his very high percentage of blue, which is distributed over his whole body. Moreover there is mite phase in the front-third. A few yellow and white scales can be found isolated.

ID#: NE08-01
neo color: red
sire: Biak
dam: Sorong
origin: cb
breeder: unknown





This male hatched 2013 as a brown neo from the clutch of Nereus x Lyssa. Noticeable is his bluish color which is getting more intense with age. His sister NL13-03 Klio is also in our stock.

ID#: NL13-02
neo color: maroon
sire: Nereus | Sorong x Biak | bluish mite
dam: Lyssa | Biak | mustard | LY09-01
origin: austrian cb
breeder: Alfred Massegg



clutch siblings