Kerberos x Amphitrite    AR1802

clutch number: AR1802
ovulation: 13.12.2017
POS: 14.01.2018
egg deposition: 02.02.2018
number of eggs: 13 [Ø 13,87g]
hatch: 23.03.2018 - 26.03.2018
hatchlings: 10 [Ø 7,63g]
neo color: 5 maroon | 5 yellow
breeder: Arboreal Reptiles

Those are the first offspring of the male Kerberos (NL13-02). This animal is interesting because of his blue tone, most of the black scales he developed during color change are gone by now. Additional to the beautiful dorsal markings, the blue color of the flanks is spreading and getting more and more intense, especially in the front-third. The female Amphitrite (AM10-01) already had a clutch (AR1502) in 2015 with Nereus (NE08-01). Her hormonal caused blue coloration gets even brighter during pairing season and pregnancy. We hope she will pass her dorsal markings with the filled triangles on to the juveniles, just like she did to her son AR1502-04.


At the beginning of September we put them together. Shortly after that we could observe pairings. On 13.12.2017 Amphitrite ovulated, on 14.01.2018 the POS took place.

Four days prior to the lay day she started to explore the laying box at night, the last 48 hours she stayed there the entire time.

On the 02.02.2018 Amphitrite laid 13 pearly white, eggs. The shell was smooth but size and form varied quite a lot.

The following days after laying Amphitrite was restless. To eliminate the possibility of any remaining eggs, we took her to the vet for an ultrasound. Luckily everything was ok with her and after one week she was laying coiled up again and also the contracting stopped.

On day 50 the first neo cut its egg. All in all 10 juveniles hatched, two died in the egg, one egg had to be removed in the second week of the incubation. The average hatch weight was 7.63g [the lightest weighed 6.55g, der heaviest 8.95g].



An update of a few of the animals which are still in our care, at the age of about four to six months.