ID#: CA03-02
sire: unknown
dam: unknown
origin: cb
beeder: unknown

This unusual male is the brother of our melanistic C. caninus female, CA03-01 . His base color has a yellow undertone, which gets more intense facing the flanks. Numerous black scales are arranged around the white lightnings and the flanks. Also you can find single yellow scales along his whole body.


ID#: CB04-01
sire: unknown
dam: unknown
origin: cb
beeder: unknown

The consistent green color of this male is just intermitted from the white lightnings dependent on darker green undertone. Sadly he has a little burning on his nose, therefore he has yellow and black scales there.



This little corallus caninus male is an offspring of the anaconda phase 2015 project of Glenn Boog (Dutch Arboreals). Both parents are anaconda phase, additionally the sire has a mustard coloring, like it’s seen on Morelia viridis. All juveniles were green and blue-green when they were born. Some of them are already changing to mustard. This supports the assumption of a genetic aspect of this coloration. To our knowledge there are no other C. caninus with this coloration than those from this project.

Our male was a dark-green neo and like two siblings he has the typical C. caninus markings. During the last weeks his color got lighter, especially on his head. We are really looking forward to see where this little fellow is going.

neo color: dark-green
sire: anaconda phase mustard | CcAP1
dam: anaconda phase | CcAP3
origin: dutch cb
Züchter: Glenn Boog - Dutch Arboreals











The male was born as an orange neo in 2016. His dorsal pattern is rich in contrast and is framed with single black scales. The sire is an Austrian cb. He has black spotted scales distributed over his entire body, which he developed after his color change was finished. The dam is an import. His sister CC16-05 is also in our stock. We’re looking forward to see how they both turn out.

ID#: CC16-03
neo color: orange
sire: austrian cb
dam: fb
origin: austrian cb