CB04-01 x CA03-01    AR1701 BLACK GRANITE


litternumber: AR1701
ovulation: 17.09.2017
birth: 28.12.2017
juveniles: 5 +1 [Ø 34,03g]
breeder: Arboreal Reptiles


CA03-01 ist the dam of the litter AR1701. This female is one of the absolut highlights in our stock. With her age of 18 years, she waited quite a time to give birth to her first litter. The sire is CB04-01, a male with beautiful distinct lightnings.

We are curios how the black color of the dam, paired up with the high contrast of the sire will effect the juveniles. Both the female CA03-01 and her male litter mate CA03-02 changed their color to green at first, so this order of color change will be expectable for those juveniles also.

This litter is the foundation for the BLACK GRANITE line, which we hopefully can expand with more offsprings of CA03-01 and CA03-02.

In the mid of July we put the male into the females cage, whereupon they started copulating immediately. At the beginning of September CA03-01 stopped eating and we noticed an increase of her volume. She started drinking spray water and was moving around more than usual, especially during the day.

On the 28.12.2017 the day had come. At night the female gave birth to six red-maroon juveniles, sadly one of them was a stillborn. The other five were in good health so we transferred them into separate upbringing boxes.

In the fourth week after their birth all of the juveniles shed for the first time. After a short period of time all of them took food without any issues. The dam shed two weeks after giving birth and took food immediately afterwards.











The animals at the age of about six months.







The animals at the age of about eight months.







The animals at the age of about fourteen months.







The animals at the age of about two years.







The animals at the age of about five years.