AR1502-04 x Klio    AR2301

clutch number: AR2301
ovulation: not seen
POS: 04.11.2022
egg deposit: 20.11.2022
number of eggs: 6 [Ø 14.58g]
hatchdate: 11.01.2023
hatchlings: 3 [Ø 7.37g]
neo color: 3 brown | 0 red | 0 yellow
breeder: Arboreal Reptiles


The parents of the clutch AR2301 are the male AR1502-04 and the female Klio (NL13-03). The male is from the clutch Nereus x Amphitrite AR1502 from 2015. Just like his father Nereus and his half brother Kerberos, he got more spectacular with years passing by. Klio is also an offspring from Nereus, but from the pairing with Lyssa from 2013 NL13.

At the end of August we put the male into the females cage. Two days later we could observe the first copulation. Klio stopped taking food right away. On the 04.11.2022 the post ovulation shed took place.

Several days before the egg deposit, Klio started to explore the box at night time. One day before laying she stayed inside completely. In the morning of 20.11.23 we found the clutch, to make sure the female was done, we let her and the clutch untouched for several hours.

Klio started taking food again in the middle of December. On day 52 and 53 the neos cut their eggs themselves.

The average hatch weight of the three neos was 7.37g [the lightest one weighted 5.20g, the heaviest 9.50g].